October 2014 Pin-spired


pinspired2 copy

I finally broke down and got a Pinterest about a year ago. While I mainly use it for recipes at this point, my original motivation came from the blog Pinterest Told Me To. Sheaffer blogs about outfits Pinterest inspired her to create, often putting together pieces she already has in ways she had not thought of before. As a recent college grad on a tight budget, I think that is a great idea. I also love that this is a way to create new outfits while staying out of the consumerism machine.

At the beginning of each month, Sheaffer and a couple other bloggers host a link-up for us to share our Pin-spired outfits. Here is my October contribution.

Outfit #1


This outfit looks like a dress, but it is really a skirt and a tank top. In the photo I am debuting the outfit at Chop Point Camp’s closing banquet. I have repeated it a couple Sundays for church, including last Easter. This outfit is cute, comfortable, and gives me a new way to wear my favorite skirt.

 Outfit #2


In this photo I am on the left; the Pinterest image is on the right. I don’t have a puffer vest, so I used the only one I had. I really liked this outfit for rainy days in Chicago. Now that I am in Fresno, I will probably wear flats instead. (I am not even sure where my rain boots are, to be honest.)

Even though these are outfits from a while back, revisiting them has inspired me to take a fresh look at my wardrobe and my Outfit Ideas board and see what I can come up with for November.


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