Why am I even doing this?

My Story, Reflections

There is something about writing that I find fulfilling. On a personal level, it helps me process the events in my life and untangle all the thoughts floating through my head. But at the same time I don’t want to write just for myself. I have something to say to the world and this blog is, I think, a good way for me to share. The question then is, what exactly am I trying to say?

I am a Christ follower. That is my starting point and my foundation. Above all I want to live my life fully submitted to Jesus and his ways. I believe Jesus’ way is about justice, shalom (which means peace and wholeness) and humbly surrendering my own desires for the sake of loving others and recognizing that everyone I meet is made in the image of God. Over the last few years, God has been teaching me that living into these truths means my life will look different than what I had imagined.

I chose the name Unwritten for this blog because most of my life’s story has yet to be discovered. (You can read the full explanation here.) Now, over three years later, that name has taken on deeper meaning. Much of what I thought and believed about the world around me has been unwritten; I see my community through different lenses than the ones I was wearing three years ago. I had to unlearn some things before I could learn certain truths about God and his world.

So, maybe this blog is about what needs to be unwritten to make room for God’s story. Maybe this blog is about how God’s story is changing the way I live. And maybe writing about these things will inspire others to examine their own lives and how God is calling them to partner with him to build his kingdom. Maybe. Just maybe.


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