Show and Tell Tuesday – Prom Night

Show and Tell Tuesday

Senior Prom Class of 2009 – no we did not coordinate our outfits.


All my girlfriends were single so we just went to our prom as a group of ladies plus Alex and his date.

I’m not a huge fan of dances, so I was on the fence about going until I stumbled upon the prom dress I never knew I always wanted.


It was beautiful, pink, and princess-y. I loved it. Now the thing is, I imagined having my hair in long curls and half back. I made the mistake of getting a haircut the week of prom and when my mom took the rollers out, my hair was about chin length. I was devastated and was refusing to leave the house, but my dad made me. Looking at it now, my hair wasn’t half bad once it was brushed out.

My friends and I didn’t get our act together and realize that driving ourselves in full skirts and heels would not work until about a week before prom. By that time, there was not a limo to be had that we could afford. So Emily’s dad gallantly played chauffeur and rented a 12 passenger van for our little group.


It was high school, so there was a bit of drama that is not so fun to reminisce about, but we danced the night away. We capped the night off by singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs all the way home. Emily’s little sister who was in the van thought that was pretty lame.

A few of the teens in my youth group are getting ready for their proms and it is fun to reminisce while hearing their stories.

And finally – a photo of my brother at his senior prom. You can’t tell, but she is wearing pink converse to go with his blue ones. They were voted cutest couple.



One thought on “Show and Tell Tuesday – Prom Night

  1. I am cracking up at “the prom dress I never knew I always wanted.” Sometimes it’s really all about the dress! 🙂 Love that you rode in a 12 passenger van – that’s actually a really good idea!


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