Workin’ It Wednesday – Spring Cleaning

Workin' It Wednesday

Spring is my favorite time of year. The days are getting longer, my neighborhood is coming back to life as people get outdoors, and the air feels so fresh.

Nothing beats a fresh, deep cleaned house to go with that weather. March was a whirlwind for me, but this past Saturday, I finally had a day at home and cleaned my living room from top to bottom. My favorite products are from Norwex. All I used was an EnviroWand, the mop system and two EnviroCloths – one wet, one dry.  And when I was done, I threw everything in the washer. It has been so relaxing to spend time in my clean living room this week reading, watching TV and looking through my front window.

The other big project I want to tackle is washing my windows and screens. The plan right now is to hire a couple teens from my youth group to help. This is something I am thinking I will do more often for bigger tasks. The job is more fun with someone else, they get a little spending money, and it is great quality time.

I have begun to observe the liturgical calendar and for next year, I want to plan better so that I can deep clean my whole house during Lent and have it ready for Easter. I like the idea of having my house ready for the resurrected Jesus. I would also like to incorporate a not quite as deep, but still thorough cleaning into Advent to prepare for Baby Jesus.

My roommates and I are all fairly clean people, so the kitchen and bathrooms stay decent, but it is nice to go after the dust bunnies under the couch and scrub the shower at least a couple times a year.


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