5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Hey all! Over the last year, I have gotten into podcasts big time. I listen on my way to and from work and while doing chores around the house. Here are 5 of my favorites that you should check out.


Women’s Work


Each week Tsh Oxenreider interviews a woman in a different field about her career. There is really something for everyone – law, the arts, non-profits, and more. It is fascinating and inspiring to hear how each woman found her niche with work she loves.


For the Love!


Jen Hatmaker fills this podcast with all the things we love from food to exploring our faith. Jen has deep, meaningful, and fun-filled conversations with each of her guests. Every episode adds a few things to my reading list and helps me engage with tough conversations in today’s world.


Fountains of Carrots


I’m not quite sure how I first discovered Haley Stewart’s blog Carrots for Michaelmas but I was quickly drawn in by her takes on food, books, and the liturgical year. This podcast with Haley and Christy Isinger is more of the same and then some. A couple of my favorite episodes are #3 TV Shows About Dresses and #89, the most recent episode. The ladies interviewed Dr. Stephani Richards-Wilson about Willi Graf who was part of the resistance movement in Nazi Germany.


Reading in Church & Other Distractions


Drs. Robert Wallace and Michael McKeever are reading through the Revised Common Lectionary in this podcast. Each week generally contains four readings – Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and Gospel. These professors from my alma mater share their thoughts and reflections on each week’s scriptures. Listening to this show reminds me of why I loved their classes so much, but with the perk of not having to write a paper.




This is such a fun podcast! Travis and Teresa McElroy host this hilarious exploration of manners, etiquette, and culture. ¬†They cover travel, hosting and being a guest, illnesses, sporting events, holidays, biographies, and more. If you have ever wondered how to behave in a certain situation, there is probably an episode of Shmanners to help you out. (Disclaimer: don’t eat or drink while listening to this show. Travis’ commentary may make you laugh and almost spray your mocha all over your windshield.)


There are a few others podcasts I have queued up in my Apple Podcast app, but these five are my favorites. They make me laugh, think, pray, and grow and I hope you can find something here to suit your tastes.




In a couple days I am leaving on a trip to Israel with my parents, brother, and about 20 other people from my childhood church.

I am super excited about this opportunity and will be blogging for our group here. The first post is up, so check it out!